Handlebar switches


  1. “MODE” switch
  2. MODE up switch
  3. MODE down switch
  4. Cruise control switches
  5. Hazard switch “SBL00020.png
  6. Horn switch “SBL00019.png
  7. Turn signal switch “SBL00002.png/SBL00011.png
  8. Dimmer/Pass switch “SBL00016.png/SBL00018.png/PASS”


  1. Stop/Run/Start switch “SBL00022.png/SBL00021.png/SBL00023.png
  2. Wheel switch “SBL00363.png

Dimmer/Pass switch “SBL00016.png/SBL00018.png/PASS”

Set this switch to “SBL00016.png” for the high beam and to “SBL00018.png” for the low beam.

While the headlight is set on low beam, push the switch down towards “PASS” to flash the high beam and to mark the start of each lap when using the lap timer.

Turn signal switch “SBL00002.png/SBL00011.png

To signal a right-hand turn, push this switch to “SBL00011.png”. To signal a left-hand turn, push this switch to “SBL00002.png”. When released, the switch returns to the center position. To cancel the turn signal lights, push the switch in after it has returned to the center position.

Horn switch “SBL00019.png

Press this switch to sound the horn.

Stop/Run/Start switch “SBL00022.png/SBL00021.png/SBL00023.png

To crank the engine with the starter, set this switch to “SBL00021.png”, and then push the switch down towards “SBL00023.png”. See page for starting instructions prior to starting the engine.

Set this switch to “SBL00022.png” to stop the engine in case of an emergency, such as when the vehicle overturns or when the throttle cable is stuck.

Hazard switch “SBL00020.png

Use this switch to turn on the hazard lights (simultaneous flashing of all turn signal lights). The hazard lights are used in case of an emergency or to warn other drivers when your vehicle is stopped where it might be a traffic hazard.

The hazard lights can be turned on or off only when the key is in the “ON” position. You can turn the main switch to the “OFF” or “LOCK” position, and the hazard lights will continue to flash. To turn off the hazard lights, turn the main switch to the “ON” position and operate the hazard switch again.

Do not use the hazard lights for an extended length of time with the engine not running, otherwise the battery may discharge.

Cruise control switches

See page for an explanation of the cruise control system.

MODE switches

Use the MODE switches to change the “D-MODE” and “TCS-MODE” located on the left side of the main display.

There are three mode controls:

MODE up switch - press this switch to change the selected mode setting upward.

“MODE” switch - press this switch to toggle left to right between “D-MODE” and “TCS-MODE”.

MODE down switch - press this switch to change the selected mode setting downward.

  • When in “D-MODE 1”, pressing the MODE up switch will cycle to “D-MODE 4”. When in “D-MODE 4”, pressing the MODE down switch will not cycle to “D-MODE 1”.
  • The “TCS-MODE” can only be turned off from the main display. Select “TCS-MODE” with the “MODE” switch, then press and hold the MODE up switch until “OFF” is displayed.
  • To turn the traction control system back on, use the MODE down switch.
  • When “TCS-MODE” has been set to “OFF”, the traction control system, SCS and LIF systems are all turned off together.
  • See page for more information on the MODE display.
  • See page for more information on “TCS-MODE”.
  • See page for more information on “D-MODE”.

Wheel switch “SBL00363.png

When the wheel switch is operated, a cursor will appear around the previously selected item on the display.

The wheel switch controls:

  • Vehicle information displays
  • Settings MENU
  • Grip warmer function (Option)

Operate the wheel switch as follows:

Rotate up - rotate the wheel upward to scroll up or increase a setting value.

Rotate down - rotate the wheel downward to scroll down or decrease a setting value.

Press inward - press the wheel switch in towards the handlebar to select items indicated by the cursor and confirm settings changes. Press and hold the switch inward to reset selected items.

  • If the wheel switch is not operated for a certain period of time, the cursor will disappear.
  • For items that can be reset, leave the cursor over the item, press and hold the switch to reset.
  • See page for more information on the main screen and its functions.
  • See page for more information on the MENU screen and how to make settings changes.